Kitten Glop

Kitten Glop

*12 oz of Pedialyte * 1 envelope Knox Gelatin (unflavored)

* 12 oz can of goats milk or canned evaporated milk

* 2 Tablespoons mayonnaise (must be mayo – not salad dressing)

* 2 Tablespoons plain yogurt, not nonfat

* 1 teaspoon Karo syrup

* 2 jars of baby food turkey or veal (pureed)


Popularly known as “Kitty Glop” among breeders, it is packed with nutrition for orphaned

kittens, nursing mother cats and their babies, cats recuperating from illness, and older cats

who need nutritional supplementing or who have difficulty eating because of dental or gum



The recipe sets up to a gelatin-like consistency in the refrigerator, and can be stored there

for up to two weeks. It can also be frozen in an ice tray for convenience in serving. To serve,

warm to room temperature. Do not pour back unused portions into the mix.

For very easy mixing, you can use a blender at low speed or wire whisk.