Check out Husker and friends!

Hey Husker fans!! Shouldn’t all Husker fans have a dog named Husker? Well, we have one waiting down at the shelter for you. He is just over a year old and is a shepherd/husky mix(no 1023). He is black and tan in color but has short smooth hair that doesn’t need a whole lot of care. He came in because he was loose. His owners failed to claim him and he is now up for adoption. Surely if you are a die hard fan, you will come and snatch this guy up!

Murphy (no 1098) turned himself into the fire station on north broadway this week after a joyous romp. We were called to pick him up and he was very matted and covered in burrs. Our officer trimmed him up a bit and he is ready to go to a new home. He is a 10 month old Lhasa Apso mix who is mostly cream colored with some darker gray ears and tail. He also has a doppleganger at the shelter by the name of “Hulk” you might want to check out too! Keep in mind Lhasa’s require lots of grooming.

A border collie (no 1067) was abandoned outside the shelter last Friday morning. He is a 2 year old male with a black and white coat that appears to have been shaved a while ago. Nobody claimed this sweet guy so he is available for adoption. He is very scared in his cage but warms up wonderfully when taken outside. These dogs are energetic so bring a toy and come play!

Tibor (no 2559) has graduated from Vatterott college and has been in our program since DECEMBER! That is far too long for a kitty to be in a cage. She is 1 year old dilute tortoiseshell female cat who is very social and loving. The students fell in love with her but unfortunately couldn’t find her a home. She is back and ready for adoption after being spayed and given current shots.

Moon (no 782) is a longhaired female dark tortoiseshell cat. She has been here since the beginning of August and is about 2 years old. She was found as a stray in a council bluffs apartment complex and was never claimed. She has been a very sweet and mellow cat here and is waiting her forever home.

Tabitha (no 1148) is a 4 month old brown and gray tabby shorthaired kitten that came in as a stray. She has the biggest eyes but is definitely the diamond in the rough here at the shelter. She looks kinda plain but is seriously the sweetest kitten ever. She starts purring the moment you pick her up and she loves to be petted. You will never regret taking this precious little girl home! She is available for adoption Saturday September 11th at 1pm. moon

border collie





Check out these cuties!

Georgia (0988) is a Siamese mix female with a short smooth coat with a unique lynx point coloring. She was surrendered to the shelter because she did not get along with the other resident animals. So she is certainly a lovable diva who wants her human all to herself. She is only a year old!!

Cheech (0835) is a handsome fella in a light gray tiger in a nice short coat. He was a former resident at the shelter who has bounced around from home to home until he ended up back here again. He is a marvelous cat who is social and sweet. Anybody have a forever home for this 1 year old boy?

Charlotte(587) is also a 1 year old female cat! She is an orange tiger striped short fur girl that just loves to be petted. She came in with a litter of kittens, and they all got adopted! She is awaiting her turn now that she has seen all her kids off she is awaiting her own special home.

Presli (0910) is a 8 year old Jack Russel female with a mixture of smooth and wirey coat. She is very sweet and loves other dogs. She is still very active and this breed requires an active responsible owner. She has a cute tri colored coat and is already spayed and vaccinated awaing her new home that will treat her like the queen she is!

Mask (0908) is a male Jack Russel who is a mostly tan and white and has more of a wirey coat than his friend Presli. He is very sweet and is about 7years old. He likes other dogs and came from a very rough background, any jack lovers out there willing to help him out?

Zig (1016) is a labradoodle mix male who came in as a stray. He had his collar and tags, but nothing adds up? He is about 8 years old and just shakes in his cage because he’s so scared. Once you get him out he warms up quickly and has very good manners. Please consider adopting this senior dog, the shelter is no place for the golden years!

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