New Additions

Rowdy (0786) is a medium sized brindle boxer mix. He is very sweet although he is quite a fence climber so he will need someone to commit to being able to keep him confined. He is about one year old and ready to go home today!

Tucker (751) is a black Labrador retriever. He has a very smooth glossy coat, and is very lean. He is already neutered and is about 4years old. He came in as a stray, so we don’t know a whole lot about him but he appears to be housetrained and is a very good walker. He is a little protective of his cage, but once you take him out he is a very sweet and smart dog with some manners already! Ask us to take him out!

Lizzy (829) is a white and tan shorthaired boxer/pointer/terrier mix. She is about 3 years old and likes other dogs! She was picked up as a stray right down by the animal shelter at 1500 block of 28th ave. She is very sweet and loves toys, so come and take her out to play!

Razzy (536) is a female short haired orange(red) tabby kitten. She is about 12 weeks old, and very sweet once she warms up to you. She is a little shy being at the shelter, but she loves other cats we know for sure since we can put her with anybody. She needs someone willing to take the time with her and socialize her further and the extra work will be returned with her love!

Momma (855) is a dilute tortoiseshell kitty with shorthair and about 2 years old. She was caught in a trap but was sweet as could be so she is available for adoption! She doesn’t let you pass her by!

Skye (866) is neutered male longhaired cat. He has beautiful deep red coat and loooooves to be petted! He is about 4years old and already declawed! He would like to be the only love in your life, so no other pets but other than that is a GREAT cat! Come adopt him for $50!

Deja Vu

We are going to start out with some deja vu this week. Yes, you have seen Izzy a stunning female black cat on the June 6th article and Sonny the senior Chihuahua from the August 1st Nonpareil edition.
These animals are STILL at the shelter!! We know there are some good people out there that follow these articles and we need your help to get the word out!

Izzy(4280) has been at the shelter since May 21st,2014. That’s 3 whole months! She is very friendly, purrs, is only a year old, and has spent so much of her young life in a cage awaiting adoption. She may have black-cat-syndrome, but we have fallen in love with her! She is fixed has all her shots and is ready to go home today! (and only $50)

Now, Sonny (430) the chihuahua came in with his friend “Cher”. Thankfully she has been adopted, leaving Sonny all by himself. He comes off very bossy in his cage, but rest assured the volunteers and staff have fallen in love with his angel personality outside of his cage. He is a lover and likes other dogs for sure. SOLAS has graciously agreed to pay for a fresh dental for him when adopted so no reason to not come and get this sweet lil guy!

Back to the cats, Olivia (762) is a 3-4month old female kitten with short gray and white fur. She was a little shy when she came in but she has turned into a sweet cuddlebug. She was brought in by a good samaritan who found her dumped in a laundry room. She is now up for adoption, and she promises she won’t take you to the cleaners because she is only $50 for a limited time!

This week we do have a cat who also gives you a little more bang for your buck, for Theo (623) has an extraordinary amount of toes on both of his front feet. They call these “Ernest Hemingway” cats(polydactyls), and they say that almost all of these cats are descendants of his own personal cats! Now, Theo would definitely tell you by his picture that he is of royalty as his picture shows him meditating. He has a short brown and black striped coat and is just a joy to have in the shelter!

Pomeranian lovers must hurry!! Jake (791) is a darling tan pomeranian mix with a cute “lion” cut that came in as a stray by super saver. But, what we do know about him is that he is very social and sweet and can’t believe that nobody came to claim him! He is about 4-5years old and just remember that Pom’s have longer hair, so they need a little more grooming than their shorthaired friends.

Lastly, I hate sharing these sad stories with you but it must be done. A sweet border collie that I have named “Heather” (815) is the sweetest girl you will meet this week at the shelter. She was brought in as a stray from the Twin City area and never claimed. Once again, when dogs come in as strays we don’t know much about their past, but we can guess hers. She came in with raw wounds on her ears that are from fly bites. We know that she was kept outside, and by her greasy grimy coat, that she was not taken care of at all. Thankfully she doesn’t carry any chip on her shoulder, because she is an angel. She has a tri-colored coat and longer hair. She is about 3years old, and being a Border Collie, she is very smart and will require exercise and attention and TONS of love to be the best dog she can be. Have no fear though, because she will provide you with even more love right back at you!