Mama Cleo kitty was brought to Midlands a month ago, pregnant and alone. This morning she had four healthy kittens, two black and two white. You can see a little foot off to the side and that is actually one of two small orphans she took in earlier this week. She was able to feed […]

New kittens today!

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day!!! If you forgot your dog – take a break and go home and get them it will be a fun day for both of you! VOLUNTEERS – The dogs need you!!! With vacation season here our darling dogs still need to be walked several times a day. Immediately […]

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day!!!

Take a look at these cuties! Midus – Dane/Lab   Saide – Great Pyranese Hershey – Lab X Blade Fonzie Cain

New Animals 6/24/15